Blues’ Organ From Old Arena For Sale

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Bob Dienstbach has a priceless piece of St. Louis history.

"A friend of mine's father bought it directly from the Arena when they were selling off the bits and pieces." said Bob Dienstbach.

But after that owner passed Bob bought the behemoth for his family.

"We follow the Blues and all the ups and downs, strikes and everything else.  But we're lifelong fans of the Blues so having just a piece of the history of that is pretty cool." said Bob Dienstbach.

This technisonic titan was manufactured in the late eighties, and if you attended a Blues hockey game at the old Arena, chances are you heard Ernie playing a familiar St. Louis tune.

But on our visit, Bob and I discovered a floppy disc and hand written notes from the musical maestro himself. History came alive before our very ears.

"We got a private concert with Ernie Hayes.  Right, you and I discovered that there was a disc hidden in the seat.  We popped it in and played around and found out that we had original music played by Ernie Hayes recorded.  So that was a fun find." said Bob Dienstbach.

If you have $1,000 you might find yourself in possession of this piece of our shared St. Louis past.

Do you feel like you're asking enough for the price of this organ?  "Well maybe not anymore, but it's time to move it and find it a good home." said Bob Dienstbach.

Maybe that's in the comfort of your own home with Ernie Hayes playing some familiar tunes.

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