Wind Threatens Area, Even If Snow Doesn’t

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI) – Cities in the Metro East faced dangerous weather conditions, whether they saw blizzard conditions or no snow at all.

Just a few flakes stuck to the plant life at the Belleville Town Square, but there was a lot of cold wind.  That wind could speed up hypothermia in anyone who was not dressed properly for winter weather. 

Cities just to the south and east, heading toward Mount Vernon, Illinois, saw heavy snow and the same stiff wind.

Here are a few tips to keep you safe whether you are shoveling several inches of snow or your driveway is completely dry.

1.  Keep warm, dry clothing in your car.

2.  Keep extra snacks in your car, in case you breakdown or are stuck in traffic.

3.  Keep a full gas tank.

4.  Keep your cell phone charged so you can call for help from the warmth of your car, if necessary.

5.  Limit caffeinated beverages.  Caffeine shrinks vessels that carry warm blood to the skin`s surface.

6.  Everyone may want to check on vulnerable neighbors, but doing so is crucial in a snowstorm.

7.  Avoid driving, if you can.  I-DOT is moving snow and treating roads as quickly as possible, but the wind can blow snow back onto roadways.

8.  Get help shoveling snow.  Call 911, if you feel short of breath or tightness in your chest.

9.  Once the storm passes, play with kids in the snow.  They may play, even if they are suffering from hypothermia.  So, keep a close eye on little ones.

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