Weather In Other Parts Of The Country Causing Flight Problems

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BRIDGETON, MO (KTVI) – Around two dozen flights into and out of Lambert Airport have been cancelled so far Wednesday, likely because of winter weather problems in various areas.

Winter weather in different parts of the country impacted travelers like Scott Pingsterhaus. He and his daughter couldn’t fly out on Christmas night because of snow in Dallas.

They tried again Wednesday morning, “We were on a flight last night to Dallas direct from St. Louis and it was canceled so the airline rebooked us on Delta this morning so hopefully we’ll get there later today.”

 There were long lines early in the morning at Lambert. One American Airlines worker said the long lines for them were in part because of weather issues.

Casey Bourque was delayed because of ice in Detroit, “You just got to take it, just got to take it how it is. They’re working, they’re working to do the best they can so,  you just got to take it how it is.”

Delays weren’t only an issue at Lambert. Some had challenges just getting to the airport.

Darlene Pittman says she and her family drove to Lambert early Wednesday morning from south of Cape Girardeau. She said it took them twice as long as usual because of the snowy roads.

“When we first started out it was blinding. You couldn’t hardly see the road at all. And as we come, some spots would be better, but the roads you could only go down the center. You can’t drive two lanes, it was horrible,” said Pittman.

Another couple said they drove to St. Louis from Kentucky Tuesday night for a flight Wednesday so they could avoid any winter weather messes.

But no matter what the issue, most everyone we talked with was able to keep a positive holiday spirit.

“Don’t be so frustrated with what the airport lady is doing. It’s not her fault. Don’t shoot the messenger. There’s problems with the weather. You can’t really do much about it,” said Bourque.

This is a situation that could certainly evolve as the day goes on and winter weather starts to hit areas of the country. The best thing to do is check with your carrier ahead of time.

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