Injured Marine Comes Home To Racist Graffiti

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O'FALLON, IL (KTVI)-- A senseless crime interrupted a joyous holiday homecoming.

A marine returned to his O’Fallon, Illinois neighborhood for the first time since losing his legs in Afghanistan.

Police say someone spray painted his parents' home with graffiti on Christmas Eve.

Police say it was "racist" graffiti, aimed at African Americans. The victims were white and anything but racist and one them a hero, home celebrating his astounding recovery with family and friends.

Lance Corporal Chris Van Etten, 22, is on his new legs and walking.

For his first trip back to his neighborhood since losing his legs in an IED explosion while on night patrol in Afghanistan on June 13.

He`s actually been walking since August.

His best friend, Lance Corporal TJ Baune of Minnesota, died in the same explosion. Van Etten`s mom wears Baune`s photo around her neck.

So an incident like their house being egged and sprayed with racist graffiti is not life shattering, but still it`s disturbing,  especially on Christmas Eve.

His mother says she wants whoever did this caught, because it really does hurt.  If you have any information, call O’Fallon police.