Snow Storm Hits Kirksville

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KIRKSVILLE, MO (KTVI)-- The winter storm made a mess of things in towns like Kirksville in Northeast Missouri.  It started out as a cold rain, temperatures were in the mid 30’s.  But then, like turning on a light switch, the rain became sleet and minutes later snow.  The ground quickly turned white.

Elaine Aubuchon walked her dog as the snow fell.  She said, “Oh, it’s lovely I love snow.”  But the strong winds made the snowflakes feel like needles.  Aubuchon and her dog Jake had to change direction for their morning walk.  Aubuchon said, “When we were going north I couldn’t open my eye so we’ve been going east and west so that’s been working okay.”

The snow fell so fast and it was so heavy visibility was limited.  Drivers like Don Yates were challenged.  Yates said, “You can’t see anything coming, the snow blocks it out, white out, bowing snow.” 

It was a frigid walk to work for James Campbell, “It’s bad especially in this wind it’s killer.

Chad Blunk and his brother shoveled snow from the sidewalk in front of their barber shop.  They know the winter storm won’t help business but they were standing by for any customer that needs a trim.  Blunk said, “They still come in and get haircuts but it will slow them down for a little while til people get use to it and get back to their normal routine.”

Schools in the area closed as crews worked to clear roads that were quickly recovered by the blowing snow.

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