Vandals Knock Over Amazing Home Christmas Display

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Vandals , with no sense of the season's spirit, targeted  holiday decorations this week in Edwardsville.  

Some folks with a bad case of "Scrooge" used the cover of darkness to attack Neil Schoeneberg's holiday lighting and music display in the Willow Creek subdivision.  Edwardsville police report decorations at several  other nearby homes were also damaged.

"There's a reason these kids are out doing something. And what they are doing out at 1:30am and 2am  in the morning is a good question." said homeowner Neil Schoeneberg.

The vandals knocked over a Christmas tree Neil Schoeneberg crafted with 3,600 lights. He discovered the damage as he was leaving to take his daughter to high school.

The Schoeneberg family takes great delight in their Halloween and Christmas displays but they are also working for a good cause.  They raise money to help the United Methodist church camp near Carbondale. Schoeneberg who spent a good portion of the day trying to restore the computer run display refuses to let the incident dim his holiday spirit.

"I think this is good will. I think this opportunity to show good will and help promote the holiday , holiday spirit of giving." said homeowner Neil Schoeneberg.

The holiday lights appear to be working again.  They are coordinated with holiday music you can listen to on an un-used FM frequency.

If the vandals return,  security video cameras are now in place to catch them in the act.

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