Extreme Christmas Decorations Display Seen on Reddit

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Stringing lights, big yard blow up Santa and holly at your door are some of the most common ways to show your Christmas spirit.  But a photo posted to Reddit has some people asking, “Who puked Christmas on this persons house?”  The house is reported to be in Normal, Illinois.

In the photo, there seems to be an army of Santa Claus, nutcrackers, Winnie the Poo bears and snowmen everywhere. 

Christmas Army

(Photo from: Imgur)

So now the questions — why would someone do that? Where did they get them all? And how much is your power bill?!  Well, according to a WMBD report from 2010, the homeowner got them mostly from yard sales and estate sales over the past 12 years and says his electric bill only goes up about $100.


(Photo from: Imgur)

nah4Q - Imgur

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