Cowboy Collection Makes It Into Monroe County Museum

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - A Metro East man is trying to preserve the past with his unique collections.  From saddles to storefronts Ed's barn was a museum open to school children for 35 years. But he outdid himself with his Old West collection when he started building replica wagons.

"Well I built all the stuff in the Chuck Wagon that was in the Chuck Wagon.  And you can look at the Chuck Wagon like it was in the old days way back when, where today that's all a lost art you know." said Ed Keuker.

As his collection continued, Keuker decided he needed another outlet for his bridles and bits of history.  So they rounded up the wagons and wound up at the Monroe County History museum.

"You read about things in a book or people tell you things.  But if you see them, you remember it.  It sticks with you a lot longer." said Monroe County History Museum President Norma Reheis.

It has for Ed, and whether its people sized, or pencil sized ed has used everything from orange crates to whiskey decanters to depict history.

On a day when sometimes you need to escape the modern life, the old West can be a welcome place. You just need an old cowboy to show you the way.

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