Cafeteria Worker Gets Job Back After Feeding Needy Child

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WEBSTER GROVES, MO (KPLR) - A happy ending to the story of a cafeteria worker who lost her job after sneaking lunches to a needy child at Hudson Elementary in Webster Groves.

Response to this cafeteria worker’s story has been enormous, receiving national attention and spreading like wildfire on the Internet.   This lunch lady’s employer apparently took notice.

In the hours since Dianne Brame went public about losing her job, higher-ups at her company, Chartwells School Dining Services, called her up, wanting to talk.

Brame explains, “They came by to pick me up and took me to the conference room, and they let me tell my side of the story and they presented themselves.”

By 2:30 in the afternoon, the former cafeteria manager had her job back.  

In an official statement released to FOX 2, Chartwells Spokesperson Karen Dittrich states,

“Chartwells is pleased to have resolved this misunderstanding together with the employee and she will be at work, as usual, this coming week.”

In her talks with supervisors, Brame says she learned the proper way to handle kids who show up without lunch money.  Plus, she says she’s been ordered to take conflict-resolution classes with the supervisor who terminated her position.

“Before, you know, I was just a number,” Brame says, “but now they know me and I feel close, and if any issues come up I won’t feel uncomfortable to have to call them.”

As for the child, Brame says the fourth grader will be getting on the free lunch plan now. 

The whole problem stemmed from a language barrier that prevented the boy’s parents from signing the free lunch plan paperwork. That’s why Brame felt compelled to sneak him meals.  

It’s been quite a week for Brame, but now, she’s able to spend her weekend looking forward to wearing her uniform on Monday, just as she’s always done: “I love those kids as if they were my own, I love them.”

As for the upcoming holiday, FOX2 previously reported that Brame was baking cookies in lieu of Christmas presents. But with her paycheck back, she’s ready to go shopping for all those grandkids.

Brame explains, “I was holding on to my little money, making sure I could pay my rent in January, but yes, with the reinstatement of my job, I will go on with a normal life.  Now they’re gonna get their undershirts, socks and pajamas, those things—and cookies.”

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