Woman & Pet Attacked By Dog In Front Yard

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ST. PETERS, MO (KPLR) - Susan Findley is still shaken up after a dog ran up to her and 9-month-old Boston Terrier  while the two were playing in the front yard.  The Pit Bull lab mix attacked the smaller dog while Findley was pet sitting for her brother.  This all happened Wednesday afternoon on Bull Valley Drive in St. Peters.

"He started ripping at the skin on his shoulder. Then we wrestled here for a while then ended up by the tree.' said Findley.

While Findley fought the bigger dog off a mother and son driving by stopped to help. The 20- year-old man tackled the attacking dog while the two women broke the Terrier free. According to officials the attacking dog was undergoing agression training and broke free from a trainers leash.

"At one point the dog had my entire thumb in his mouth." Findley said

Fox 2 stopped by the city of St. Peters to find out what happens to animals who attack and their owners. Health and environmental services manager  David Kuppler says not only can owners face fines, they will also have lots of restrictions if they want to keep an animal that's deemed dangerous.

 "They always have to be muzzled while outside , have a specific orange collar thatmust be warn at all times the yard has to be posted with signs that say dangerous dog they have to carry ½ million dollars insurance.' said Kuppler.

The fate of the attacking dog still lies with the city. Pet owners who don't leash their pets can face a $100-500 fine. The attacking dog is currently under a 10 day quarantine. Some owners have an option to relocate their animal with approval of the city.

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