Mendte: Right To Work Battle

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – A fight over the right to work launching a new type of battle.  Larry Mendte explains how unions could help themselves win part of the war.

A war has started in this country and battles in the war will now move from state to state.  It started this week in Michigan with a warning from the floor of the statehouse

A short time later outside the statehouse there was blood as a FOX News correspondent was assaulted in a violent reaction to Michigan passing a right to work law.

It is the 24th state to pass such a law and it is seen as the beginning of the end for big labor, because the industrial state was considered a safe haven for unions.

But the unions will not go out quietly into the night, as they fight right to work laws in state after state.

You will hear it said that the law actually takes away the rights of workers, but in fact it gives workers the right to choose if they want to join a union.  They can no longer be forced to pay dues as terms of employment

And that`s the problem for unions in states where right to work has passed, the vast majority of workers choose not to pay.

There was a time when unions were absolutely necessary to fight for better working conditions, fair pay and benefits, but now many of those things are required by law; for instance Obamacare will provide the health care that the unions once insured and if you have a grievance there are government boards and the court system all providing the service that the unions once solely provided.

To survive, the unions must change their tactics, this won`t work anymore in more or more states unions can no longer impose their will with force.

They need to once again offer a real benefit to workers so that when given the choice,  the workers will choose to join the union; barring that the unions will lose the war as they lost the battle of Michigan.

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