Meet McGraw – Radio Prank Goes Goes Very Wrong

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(CNN) -  The two hosts of the 2Day FM Sydney radio program will be feeling awful. In seeking to con their way into recording a telephone call with a patient receiving treatment in a hospital they were doing what they thought FM radio hosts do. Everyone else does prank calls so we'll do one too.
The position of the radio station is different though.
This Sydney radio station has a track record of attempting to garner large ratings through shock tactics. In 2009 on this very same radio station a 14-year-old girl was invited into the studio with her mother.
She was wired up to a lie detector and asked personal questions. This was considered a jape. To take that jape just that potential ratings point further, the young girl was asked about her sex life. A reminder: she was 14. Obviously intimidated by the occasion, the fame of the hosts and the setting, she revealed to the vast audience listening at home and in cars that she had been raped when she was 12.

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