Dupo Teachers Considering A Strike

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DUPO, IL (KPLR) - School teachers in Dupo, Illinois are considering a strike. The Illinois Federation of Teachers says the Dupo community school district 196 has made a threatening move in the bargaining process and tensions are rising.

Dupo Teachers have been working without a contract since the beginning of the school year.  Last month the district declared an impasse in negotiations over the latest contract offer and stopped the talks.

But the union says the district has notified the the Illinois educational labor relations board that it is ready to resume negotiations January 16th.  The teachers union says the district is sending out conflicting messages.

"If they are willing to sit back down at the bargaining table then why didn't we just keep bargaining? Why are we starting this legal process which does escalate the tension?  It does escalate the possibility of a strike. You know its an important legal process that shouldn't be taken lightly.  It is somewhat confusing that if they are willing to meet. Why didn't we just keep meeting and try and work this out? Why did they take that step that is somewhat threatening?" said Dave Comerford of the Illinois Federation of Teachers.

The Dupo school superintendent says the district did declare an impasse in the talks but wouldn't say why they are ready to resume negotiations in January.  The union says the district offer and the union offer should be made available Friday on the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board website.

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