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Santa Claus Popping Up All Over Glendale

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GLENDALE, MO. (KPLR) - There is a mystery in the Glendale-Kirkwood area.  A thirty foot tall, inflatable Santa Claus has been popping up in different people’s yards each day since the first of the month, with specific instructions as to what to do with him next.  But no one knows who is responsible for the two story elf.

Area residents trace it back to the first of December.  The most recent recipient, Wednesday morning, was the Clark family.  Carter Clark watched from the window of his third grade class across the street at North Glendale Elementary as it was set up.

“I came over and he was like laying down on the ground, he said, “and when I came over the second time he was like laying down on our house.”

Carter’s family was being hit by the Ullery’s, who had Santa the day before.  

“We kept watch and waited until they were gone and did it as quick as we could,” Jennifer Ullery said of the sneak attack.

She made her approach after 9am.  It’s a far cry from her experience the day before.

“We found it at 5am in the morning and it glows,” she said.  “It lights up.  So it was glowing right outside our bedroom window and the kids got up and they were thrilled!”
And so it has gone for days, now.  But there is guidance.  There are instructions attached to the giant blow up figure.  The family is to enjoy him for the night, then, the next morning, they are to pick another family.  That family must have kids who will get a kick out of having the giant Santa in the yard.

Most notable in all this is the mystery.  Jennifer Ullery thought she knew who the original culprit was.  She pointed the finger at a friend, Kameron Herweck.  But Herweck says her family was the third to receive Secret Santa as he’s called.  Her niece and nephew had placed him in her yard.

“We caught them in the act.  So of course the kids had a ball running around in the yard with this thing that’s bigger than our home,” she said. “They told us they received it the night before and we had 24 hours to keep it and move it on.”

So by Wednesday night it was in the hands of the Clarks.  Scott, the dad, had heard about it over the phone, but couldn’t believe it when he arrived home.

“Seeing it over the house was quite a surprise.  It’s quite a bit larger than I thought.”

His wife Carrie was already plotting for the morning.

“I think its fun and we’re trying to decide who gets him next.  We’ve had several requests,” she said.

As for the original culprit, we only have the instructions to go on.  Santa is to keep moving until December 23rd.  Whoever gets him that day is to keep him through the holiday.  From there, who knows if the an answer will come?

“I don’t know how we’ll find out,” Carrie Clark said. “Maybe it will always be a mystery.”

There is a website on which keepers of Santa are instructed to post pictures of themselves.  You can take a look at

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