Safety Summit Held On Food Deliveries

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - After repeated robberies and even the murder of delivery drivers in the St. Louis area, police held the first of 3 "safety summits' Wednesday.

Police told about two dozen restaurant owners, managers, and drivers, it was up to them to take away the threat.  

Customers needed to do their parts, too, police said.  
There are a couple of common threads to all of the recent crimes:  drivers are alone; they have money.  

So, take those things away, police said.

Police urged universal standards for all area restaurants from St. Charles to Edwardsville.

 Step 1:  make sure the person with the pizza box never carries more than $20.       

St. Louis Police also released a YouTube video aimed at customers, asking them to do things like watch the drivers after their deliveries to make sure they make it safely back to their cars.  

'You`d be amazed how many people say, hey, i don`t mind watching you walk to your car, just to make sure you get there safe.  Jus the little things can make all the difference in the world,' said Sgt. Catherine Dennis of the St. Louis Police Department.

The small precautions even the most seasoned drivers overlook were stunning.

'It`s really silly to be out there with $80, $180,' said John Strauser, an area manager for Jimmy John`s, who came in from West County for the meeting.  

'All of the companies have to do it the same way.  It was a very good presentation.  I think it was an eye opener for some of the companies that were in there,' said Imo`s Pizza Chief Financial Officer, Steve Conway.  

Christopher Moore, 28, and Auntree Moore, 19, were just charged with robbery and armed criminal action for allegedly holding up and cutting a driver in South St. Louis early Saturday morning.

Last month, a 17 year old was charged with murdering a driver during robbery in Dellwood.

Last week two suspects attacked drivers with bricks in separate incidents at the same vacant home on Virginia Avenue in South St. Louis, police said.  One driver had his car stolen.

Along with the cash limit, police urged drivers to call back the customer`s number once or even twice before delivery,  require credit cards for first time customers, and perhaps carry 'dummy wallets' while keeping their personal possessions locked away.

'Make it across the board,' Conway urged.  

'You think, oh it`s Creve Coeur, we`re safe. There`s a lot of preventative things that we could be doing that we aren`t necessarily that we definitely want to start trying,' Strauser said.  

'If we`re sharing information, there are more of us, than there are of them.  It goes a long way.  Communication is a beautiful thing,' Sgt. Dennis said.

One more thing:  the suspects in these cases have been getting caught.  Though the brick attacks remain unsolved, sources told Fox 2 police were closing in on a suspect.    

STLMPD Food Delivery Safety Tips

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