Mendte: First Lady Popularity & Political Office

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – A month after the election, President Obama's approval rating is at 57 percent, the highest since May 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden.

Larry Mendte looks at how rumors over the first lady's possible run for an Illinois senate seat is affecting her approval ratings.

First ladies are always more popular than their husbands, even those who dislike the president, like the first lady for putting up with the job.

That is certainly the case with the Obama’s; President Obama has a healthy approval rating of 57%, Michelle Obama’s approval rating is through the roof, even republicans like her.

But now republicans are upset that Michelle Obama is talking about running for the senate, otherwise known as pulling a Hillary; the first, first lady to run for office, that turned out pretty well and that is why republicans are upset.  They believe if Michelle Obama runs for senate in her home state of Illinois, which is rumored,  she would have an unfair advantage and hasn’t earned her shot.

To unfair advantage I say so, to hasn’t earned it I say shut up.  Look you cannot like her or her husband.  You cannot vote for her.  You can campaign against her, but she is more than qualified and as far as earning her shot, that is for voters to decide.

We should be encouraging, not discouraging involvement in the political process from all walks of life and especially from highly educated and successful women.

Michelle Obama’s speech at the democratic convention was powerful, better than the presidents.

The biggest problem republicans have with Michelle Obama is that she will win.  A recent poll shows her up 51% to 40% over republican senator Mark Kirk in Illinois.  

But as the political world debates if Michelle Obama’s qualifications for political office and if she would win; they are forgetting the most basic question.  Does she want to run?

When she was asked by a young girl at the white house staff’s take your daughter to work day, she quickly responded absolutely not.

I would say from that answer alone, she is over qualified to be senator.  Anyone who is smart enough not to get into that dirty business is much too smart for the job.

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