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Triad High School Locked Down After Bullets Found

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TROY, IL (KPLR) -  They’re breathing a sigh of relief in Madison County after a high school there was placed on lockdown for nearly two hours Monday morning.  Triad High School, outside Troy, took the action after two 22 caliber bullets were found in a stairway by administrators.

The incident occurred about 9am.  Madison County sheriff’s deputies were called immediately.

Cole Haggard, a student at the school, was in his third period class.

“We were in the middle of a quiz and they came in and asked us to stand up and searched all our backpacks and all the purses and such.”

School officials say the lockers of all 1200 students were checked as well.  All the work was being done by teams of deputies and school representatives.

 “The administrator was the one who would go into the classrooms and look into student backpacks,” Principal Rodney Winslow said.  “We had students empty out their pockets.  We looked through and tried to determine if we could find any more bullets.”

Winslow says nothing else was found to indicate any risk, leaving him with a theory as to what may have happened.

“It is the middle of hunting season, so I don’t know if students may have used these bullets for target practice.  They’re a small 22 caliber bullet so again something that is used in that regard for dove hunting of pigeon hunting, so it could have been something where a student had it in their coat pocket and forgot to take it out.”

Haggard says it’s plausible, pointing out that a number of his fellow students hunt and that the school even has a shooting team.  

Parents, according to Winslow, were concerned but generally pleased with the action that was taken.  He says he’s forced to assume the worst when dealing with a situation like this.

“My focus is that our kids are safe.  You have to make decisions and sometimes decisions are tough to make.  Whenever we have students in the classroom for an hour and a half that is a difficult decision to make.”

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