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Surveillance Video Of Purse Snatching On Walgreens Lot

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - A south St. Louis Walgreen's customer gets her car broken into as she shops inside. The whole incident is caught on camera.  It’s a reminder to be careful, but also raises the question of who’s to blame.

At six o’clock Saturday morning, Pamela Blake parked at the Walgreen's on Hampton and Chippewa and went inside. Moments later, a silver sedan passed her car, backed up, then parked right next to it. Then a window was broken, and her purse was gone.   

Pamela’s husband Brad says, “She came out 12 to 13 seconds after the incident...There wasn’t a security guard on duty at the time, I was told, and what is really upsetting to me is she could’ve walked out on it and could’ve been injured, who knows.”

Brad Blake got his hands on the store's surveillance footage, but that’s as far as he got with Walgreen's. Blake says, “I spoke to an individual with Walgreen's, and they stated to me that they are not liable for third party incidents.”

However, attorney Josh Myers, Partner at Schultz & Myers, LLC, says the corporate giant could be at fault.  He explains, “The first question of finding out whether or not they’re responsible or liable for that result is, were they just negligent in not taking the proper precautions to prevent that end result? So absolutely, they could be held responsible for that.”

Myers says Walgreens could be to blame if the store has dealt with similar problems in the past, but didn’t make necessary safety improvements: “It could range from good lighting up to having a highly staffed security personnel out there.”

Blake says the surveillance video’s resolution is unfortunately too low to clearly identify the thief or license plate. Still, he and his wife filed a police report, and will rest easier once these thieves are caught. He says, “It’s the holiday season and it’s unfortunate, being a victim of crime you feel violated...I would say this: don’t leave Christmas items and stuff in your car, because it might be stolen.”

Myers speculates that Walgreen's takes its no-fault stance because most people won’t bother suing over a stolen purse and broken window. FOX 2 did contact Walgreen's about this car break-in but have yet to receive a response.

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