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Cold Weather Back in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - When you walk out your front door this morning, you'll find a temperatures a bit cooler than what we've been used to so far this December. Temperatures will only reach the mid 30s Monday afternoon and gusty winds will keep that chill on all day.

Clouds will rule across the area again Monday with some breaks in the afternoon and evening. The rest of the week is dry and we will warm back into the 50s by Thursday.

The cold snap in St. Louis is like a slap in the face after we’ve experienced so many unseasonably warm days in December.  Long before the sun was up joggers were exercising in Forest Park despite the frigid winds.  One jogger  said, “We’re use to it we run in all kinds of weather.”

Rich Lintz took his dog for a walk. Both seemed to be in high spirits even though the temperature was low.  Lintz said, “I do this every morning and it’s not to bad even when it gets down to the twenties the wind kind of comes thru you a little bit just got to keep moving.”

In the Central West End business is strong at the Coffee Cartel.  It’s no surprise sales of hot chocolate soar when the weather turns frosty.  A.J. Nesbitt is a manager, “Keeps them warm they like it I guess they fee l warm when they get it so they just keep coming back for hot chocolate.”

Across the street Tony Streckfuss is a newspaper vendor, his days begin at 3:30 a.m.  He does whatever it takes to keep warm.  Streckfuss said, “I broke out the Cabella’s snow suit, that’s important.  I’m wearing electric socks, that’s important.  But, it’s part of nature we just got to live with it.

He fears we are all in for a rough winter, that it maybe payback time from mother nature for all the wonderful weather we just enjoyed..


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