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Jacology: Senate Vote On Americans With Disabilities

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(KPLR) – In Wednesday’s Jacology, Charles Jaco draws attention to a senate vote that blocked help for Americans with disabilities and how the homeschooled community played a role.

The United States Senate has refused to ratify an international treaty on the rights of disabled people. It was supported by people like former U.S. Senator Bob Dole, who was severely injured in World War Two. He watched in a wheelchair on the senate floor as several dozen ultra-conservative senators defeated the treaty. And they defeated it; because they're being held hostage by some very strange people.

You see, the senators who shot it down think that ratifying a treaty guaranteeing the rights of the disabled would mean the United Nations would start controlling people who home school. Take a minute to adjust your tinfoil hat while I run that by you again. The senate wingnuts actually believed that an international treaty on disabled rights would allow the UN to tell home schoolers how to educate disabled kids.

And right here you have the problem with so much of the conservative movement these days. They're being manipulated by obsessed paranoids. The home schoolers who believe this nonsense are the same ones who keep their kids out of public schools because they don’t want them exposed to things like evolution or the earth orbiting the sun. They've turned unreasonable fear into a political philosophy.

Some people, who believe this stuff, like Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann won election this last time around. But a lot more who subscribe to extremist philosophy, from Todd Akin in Missouri to Richard Mourdock in Indiana were defeated. And that's because voters want grown-ups, not nut jobs, trying to solve the nation's problems.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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