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Bernthal-The Way It Oughta Be: Geese Problem

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(KPLR) - You shouldn't have to side step those gifts left by geese.  Here's JB with The Way It Oughta Be.

I was sad when KPLR moved here from the Central West End.  I had a lot of good memories from there and I lived in the CWE.  Plus I had no idea these guys were going to my new friends.

I shouldn't have been surprised.  Wherever there is an office park with water, you will likely find geese.

Take a look at what they've left behind on the ground of a nearby parking lot.  It's no walk in the park to try and avoid stepping on goose poop and it shouldn't be that way.

I just want to be able to get through the day without a mess on my shoes.

So if you ever move into a new office park just make sure a pond of water doesn't move in with you.

I'm JB and that's The Way It Oughta Be.