MO Lawmaker Wants to Stop Black Friday Shopping on Thankgiving

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)  - A big change for Black Friday shoppers in Missouri may be on the way.  No more shopping would be allowed on Thanksgiving.  Representative elect Jeff Roorda of Barnhart is proposing the law, “It’s Thanksgiving day it’s not black Friday’s eve.”

Roorda added, “We’ve got this constant game of leap frog where one retailer tries to get in front of the next with starting their Black Friday Christmas sales early and now the commercial greed that’s surrounded Christmas is invading Thanksgiving day.”

The “Thanksgiving Family Protection Act” says no retailers except pharmacies, restaurants and places that sell fuel like convenience stores can open on Thanksgiving.  Joan Lange has friends who missed out on being at home because their store was open.  Lange said, “They weren’t happy about it but they still had to work.”

Roorda said he’s getting a lot of support from citizens, workers and unions, “The common thread seems  to be that people want to know where this stops if it’s nine o’clock on Thanksgiving this year is it going to be five o’clock on Thanksgiving next year.”

Vicky Hansen owns European Accent in historic St. Charles.  She doesn’t think a new law would affect mom and pop stores in the neighborhood.  She said owners already spend the holiday with family.  Hansen added, “Lot of tradition down here we like to stay to the Midwest values I just don’t see it happening.”

Roorda said he has bi-partisan support and he’s hopeful the proposal will become law in time for next year.

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