Contact 2: Debonaire Follow-Up

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ST. ANN, MO. (KTVI) – Last month we told you about cancelled party plans at Debonaire Banquet Center.  The St. Ann facility closed suddenly in late October with no warning to clients holding contracts.  The closing stunned brides to be and people hosting special events.

Some have taken their complaint to Small Claims Court.  This week they learned some things about the company's official status.  And we found someone with an offer to help.

Andre’s Banquet Center has a lengthy history in the banquet business, 31 years to be exact.     With six locations, Owner John Armengol wants to help those holding a contract with Debonaire.  ' We`re going to go ahead and take that contract work with them on the pricing and try to implement some of the dollars they lost on that deposit whether its five hundred or a thousand.'

In addition to facility rentals, Andre`s helps its clients purchase invitations, tuxedos, a photographer and even a disc jockey. John`s says he`ll make it work.  'If we have to maneuver our pricing a little to make their event the way they envisioned it to be, we want to do that. '

That's good news after Debonaire clients received this letter from Second Wind Consultants.
The Boston based company steps in when businesses default on SBA loans.   The letter says the Debonaire’s owners are unable to pay the $1,600,000.00 it owes in liabilities and judgments.  Its assets have been frozen by the bank.  Second Wind assists with asset liquidation.

This week Candice Allen went to Small Claims Court in St. Louis County about her cancelled contract with Debonaire.  She paid over $2,0000.00 toward her April 2013 wedding.  The judge ruled in her favor.

' I am happy about the judgement.  It`s just, when will we get our money.  When will we have the money to do what we want to do and proceed with our wedding and making plans?

Candace learned about the offer from Andre's after signing a second contract with a different facility.  But like other customers abandoned by Debonaire, she's forced to pay twice. 'How are we going to pay for it.  They have our money, $2000.00 of our money, and how are we going to pay for this?’

If you had a contract with Debonaire and still need to find a replacement venue, go to our website for more information.  

If you need help with a consumer issue, call our volunteers Monday through Thursday between 11am and 1pm. The toll free number is 800 782-2222.

Below are contacts for local businesses willing to work with Debonaire clients.

  • John Armengol , Andre's Banquet Ctr.  (314) 894-2622
  • Barb, event planner for Valenti's Catering  (314) 691-7958
  • Tony at Savoy Banquet Ctr.  (314) 521-4500
  • Sonya at Occasionally Yours Banquet Ctr.  (314) 517-1340
  • Holly Elder about wedding ice sculpture  (314) 865-4232
  • Stephanie Fisher Comfort Inn Banquet Hell - 361-4900

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