Bernthal-The Way It Oughta Be: Banning Eating And Driving

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(KPLR) - Which is worse; texting or eating while driving?  Here's JB with The Way It Oughta Be.

If you ever drive along a busy street like Olive around lunch time you will notice just as many people with sandwiches in their hand as you do cell phones.

I once had a police officer tell me that there's too much focus on the angers of using a cell phone and driving and not enough attention on other obvious distractions.

Well now Huron, South Dakota has addressed the problem.  In addition to passing a law that bands people from texting and driving.  Now that city has passed a law banning anyone from eating while driving.

The fine for texting is higher than the fine for eating and that seems fair.

The problem has everything to do with being distracted.

We're so accustomed now at multi-tasking that just driving seems like a waste of time; feels like we should be doing more.

So hats off to the small Dakota town taking a big stance on drivers who eat and drive at the same time.

The two do not go hand in hand.

I'm JB and that's The Way It Oughta Be.

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