St. Louisans Enjoying Spring Like Weather

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - The Christmas season is in full swing now, but you wouldn’t know it, judging from all the flip flops and shorts spotted around St. Louis Friday.

Some appreciate the unseasonable warmth, but others say t-shirts and the holiday season just don’t go hand in hand.

Josh Hirth and Kristen Stubblefield spent Friday afternoon sitting outside Coffee Cartel in the Central West End, enjoying a cup of coffee, and each others’ company.

“There’s more energy in the air,” Hirth says, “a couple days ago, I saw absolutely nobody on the street, and today you can look around, there’s people everywhere, and they’re getting ready to go out and have fun tonight.”

Over in south St. Louis, it was custard and a Christmas tree for customers at Ted Drewes. “This is nice to see, when we have warm weather like this, the custard business does do well, and we’re happy for that,” explains Ted Drewes General Manager Travis Dillon.

Although Dillon says more people came out to get custard than a tree, Minnesota natives Nora Shields and Robin Cutler were happy to do both.  Shields says, “The first year we bought our tree here but we didn’t buy custard, because it was cold.”

Cutler adds, “It’s kind of nice to be able to roll down the windows in December, you don’t have to freeze.  But I think there’s something missing without the snow.”

The warm weather benefits some but not all businesses. Although Steinberg Skating Rink was crowded Friday night, there were just a handful of skaters during the day’s warmest hours.  Some even spotted several large mosquitoes hovering above melted pools of ice.
Skater Damion Robinson says mild temps wreak havoc on the rink: “It’s kind of like skating on marshmallows on one end and on the other end; it’s like skating on water.”

However, water and marshmallows didn’t stop Rebecca Meyer and Jimmy Rizzo from taking a few laps around the rink. Meyer says, “I’m actually shocked it’s pretty empty. I thought it’s such a nice day, people would be here.”

As much as they enjoyed the chance to skate without hats and gloves, these skaters find themselves dreaming of a whiter Christmas season.

Robinson says, “Hopefully we’ll get a Christmas with snow, and regular ice skating ice, instead of skating on shavings.”

“It’s December almost, it needs to be cold,” explains Meyer. Rizzo adds, “I prefer cold weather, so hopefully it gets actually cold this winter.”

Average highs this time of year should be in the 40s, not near 70 like it was Friday.  If you’d like to take advantage of what could be the last warm weekend of the year, there are a number of outdoor holiday festivals and events going on, including the Central West End Window Walk and Christmas on the River in Chester.

For full list of holiday festivals and events going on this weekend, take a look at FOX 2’s Weekends on the Web.