Mendte: Susan Rice And Libyan Attack

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – General Petraeus is also at the center of the investigation into the consulate attacks in Libya.  Larry Mendte looks at another woman getting grilled over the controversy.

There are still so many nagging questions about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on the anniversary of 9/11 that killed four Americans.

The question that is front and center now is why did UN Ambassador Susan Rice tell America a story about the attack that wasn`t true?

That question is important now because the president is expected to nominate Rice to be Secretary of State when Hillary Clinton moves on

Five days after the attack, on five Sunday morning talk shows Rice called the attacks a spontaneous mob action provoked by a YouTube video.

None of that was true.  It was a terrorist attack.  Republicans say the white house was trying to hide that fact because it was in the middle of a presidential campaign.

But rice says she didn`t know any of that, she was just repeating what she was told, she met privately with republican leaders to make her case to be secretary of state.

It didn`t go well.

All I can tell you, basic answers.

Rice would not tell the senators who told her to tell a story that was not true and for that reason she should not be Secretary of State.  No one is asking her to step down as UN Ambassador; but she shouldn`t get a promotion, that seems fair.

Unless of course the person who came up with this bogus story and changed her talking points wants to step forward, the white house set Susan Rice up by sending her out with this bogus story.  They can save her reputation now by telling the truth.
If the White House is not ready to do that, then they need to nominate someone and not put Rice through what is certain to be a very public and very ugly confirmation process.

Susan Rice is a smart, competent and qualified woman who is being let down by the same people she protected.  She was loyal to them; they should be loyal to her.


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