Mendte: Freedom Of Information And The Internet

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – The freedom of information not protected the same way across the world.  Larry Mendte explains why some global governments are trying to keep American internet away.

Information wants to be free.

That is the sacred mantra of internet advocates who want to keep the government and corporations from limiting the free flow of information around the world.

Free speech is a powerful thing.  

With the internet acting as an underground river of information, the flow of free speech has toppled dictators and caused the collapse of oppressive governments.

America is the spring well of that free speech.

And that is why there is a move by a gang of governments to keep our internet away from their people.

This action is being aided and abetted by of all entities, the UN.

Starting December 4th, the UN will sponsor a two week meeting in Dubai called “The Worldwide Conference On International Telecommunications” or WCIT.

The agenda is to wrestle control of the internet away from America and allow countries like China, Russia and India to have more control over the internet, its content and its users.

42 countries are involved in the internet mutiny and most of them have already attempted to censor the internet.

America is not taking part in the meetings and has condemned them.

There are protests planned by Google, Facebook and other big internet companies.

You`ll want to pay attention to what happens at WCITt.  I`ll have updates, but this is important.

Freedom for much of the world hangs in the balance.

Information wants to be free.