A St. Louis’ Man’s Amazing Effort To Get On “Arrested Development”

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LOS ANGELES, CA (KTVI) – Have you ever really liked a TV show?  Paul Goetz from Webster Groves is a super-fan of the former FOX show “Arrested Development”.  When he heard the show was going back into production for Netflix he thought he might have a shot at appearing in an episode.

Paul now lives in Los Angeles.  He is a 2008 Webster University graduate with a degree in media communications with an emphasis in scriptwriting and film.  He is trying his best to make it on the left coast in the film industry. 

So, how does a St. Louis transplant get on an Emmy award winning show?  Paul’s big idea was to create a web series.  The show is called, Paul Goetz’s Last Ditch Effort.  You can see all three episodes on YouTube.  It is almost like watching an episode of Arrested Development.  The shows acting, writing, filming and tone are spot on.  Paul stars in the series as a guy trying to get on Arrested Development.  

Paul explains why he started this project, “I decided to do it was more than anything a matter of megafan-dom. I am a huge admirer of this show (Founder and President of “Scandalmakers: The Arrested Development Fan Club; the highest funded club on Webster University’s campus for two years running) and to put it quite simply, I wanted it really badly. It’s really hard to grab peoples’ attention out here with so many others going for it in the same way you are.”

It looks like his plan may have worked.  According to Goetz, Tony Hale who plays “Buster” on Arested Development saw the web series and has lent a helping hand.  He hooked Paul up with the show’s casting director.  There is not an opening right now on Arrested Development but he did get a shot to be on the new comedy “Veep”.

There are also a lot of Webster University graduates who worked behind the scenes on this project.

“Obviously, there were a lot of Webster(and just St. Louis) folk involved in this project. I am very, very lucky to have moved out here along with an already established group of very talented people who really know what they’re doing when it comes to putting projects together. Clearly, Shawn Kohne and Erin Marie Hogan deserve all the praise in the world for their performances in these episodes but also all the painstaking work they did outside of acting to help get this thing done. They really killed it. But, more than anybody else(besides my Mom, Dad, Aunt Kathy and Grandma who helped to fund this whole thing) I’d like to publicly thank Nick Gartner who busted his butt alongside mine to make this project happen. He was Co-Producer, Co-Director and Head Editor and none of it would’ve been even remotely possible without him.” wrote Paul Goetz.

See the great work they did by watching the web series: