Where America’s Racist Tweets Come From

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ST. LOUIS, MO  – Did you know that every tweet contains data about where it was sent from?  The research group Floating Sheep took that GPS data and cross referenced it with racist search terms on twitter.  What they got is a map of all the most hateful tweets posted on twitter.

The group then took that data and compared it to an average day against an election day.  That result is a list of where the highest concentration of racist tweets come from.

Click here to see the interactive map.

A few findings from the analysis

  • Mississippi and Alabama have the highest LQ measures with scores of 7.4 and 8.1, respectively.
  • Other southern states (Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee) surrounding these two core states also have very high LQ scores and form a fairly distinctive cluster in the southeast.
  • The prevalence of post-election racist tweets is not strictly a southern phenomenon as North Dakota (3.5), Utah (3.5) and Missouri (3) have very high LQs.  Other states such as West Virginia, Oregon and Minnesota don’t score as high but have a relatively higher number of hate tweets than their overall twitter usage would suggest.
  • The Northeast and West coast (with the exception of Oregon) have a relatively lower number of hate tweets.
  • States shaded in grey had no geocoded hate tweets within our database.  Many of these states (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and South Dakota) have relatively low levels of Twitter use as well.  Rhode Island has much higher numbers of geocoded tweets but had no hate tweets that we could identify.

Concerned about how this group cam up with this map and their findings?  Click here .

Full study at Floating Sheep.  via Mashable

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