Rain Floods Free Toy Store At Granite City Church

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GRANITE CITY, IL (KPLR)-- The Jesus' Place Mission Church Free Store in Granite City is only open for 3 hours a day. Lately, many of those hours have been spent cleaning up the water damage from a leaky roof, instead of helping low income families in need.  Now, they need help fixing their roof, as well as collecting more toy donations for the holiday season.

Ryan Brown, a director with the Church Ministry said, "The roof started started leaking tremendously, and the toys got ruined. All the stuffed animals, it's totally horrible, were saturated with water, and we had to move them out of here before mosquitos started brewing."

The water damage extended to the walls and electrical work inside the Free Store. Volunteers have attempted to create temporary fixes, but with little success.

"We are trying to flow the water to a certain area, so we can put totes down in that given area" Brown explained, "The totes will get full of water. When it rains really hard, like a really hard storm, we have to stay here pretty much until it stops... so that we can empty the water out and put a new tote bucket in there. It's a lot of work."

Now, the Jesus Place Mission Church, which operates on donations alone, has the uphill climb of funding these new roof repairs.

"The money that we are trying to raise, which is a total amount of around 5-thousand dollars, which would get us through the winter. When it starts snowing, we got problems. This roof isn't going to be able to take it. We need your help."

Ryan Brown added that closing the Free Store is not an option, "Come this winter, with the economic situation as it is, we need to stay open. We have to keep this going because if we don't, then who will?"

If you want to send a donation to the Jesus’ Place Mission Church, you can mail your donation to:

Jesus' Place Mission Church
P.O. Box 1500

Granite City, IL 62040

or email the church at:  jesusplacemission@yahoo.com