Local Polls Open, Voter Turnout Has Been Steady

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(KPLR) – Polling places in the St. Louis area have been very busy since early Thursday morning.  News 11's Dan Gray is at the Peabody bureau with more on voters and polling stations.

Long lines, chilly temperatures and a few problems faced St. Louis area voters Thursday.  Some had to wait an hour or longer while others got in and out of their polling place in a matter of minutes.

Long lines of voters this morning and then again at lunch time.

At midday turnout was heavy at parkway west middle school in chesterfield as people cast ballots during the lunch hour.

By later in the afternoon the turnout was lighter at a polling place in St. Charles and at a Florissant polling place but poll workers throughout St. Louis county reported a steady stream of voters.

At Woodward school on Bellerive in South St. Louis, voters waited in line this morning in the dark for at least an hour before entering the packed polling place.  Everyone seemed to agree about the importance of this election year.

One St. Louis city voter said she braved the cold this morning so she could be among the first to vote.

There were a few problems at some polls; some had to do with voters who had recently moved and were not listed on the voter rolls at their precinct. They had to phone their election board and worked out the problems.