Hurricane Sandy Doesn’t Keep Voters From Polls

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(KPLR) – Superstorm Sandy isn't keeping voters from carrying out their patriotic duty throughout the north east.  The board of election officials relocated several polling places because of power outages,

Special buses have been deployed to some areas and in New Jersey they cast their ballots by fax and email.

Jason Carroll shows us that even in the hardest hit areas victims are ready to vote.

Olympia Blvd. Is like many streets in this section of Midland Bbeach, Staten Island.  

Most of the homes destroyed. At least two people died on this block, an elderly couple who lived in this home.

Life here, a struggle for basic necessities...clean water, a place to live.

We have water or food anyone.

So it may come as no surprise while the rest of the country is focused on election day, now just hours away, that feels like a world away to people like Ddavid Khudaynatov, who is still trying to recover whatever can be salvaged.

The priority right now is getting myself organized at my home that's it that 's all we can do right now man, politics right now has no meaning to us or anybody, ask anybody politics has no meaning, Romney, Obama none of them matter as of now.  

Across the street, Eneida McGrath arrives at her home for the first time since evacuating before the storm.  

It has been condemned. Her cat Robby survived.

Robby! Come back here...

If she can just coax him out.

Voting and politics will have to wait for her too...there are more pressing priorities.

No, not right now someplace else to live I guess (pause) as long as me and my family are ok I guess (cries) I don't care about anything else ..I’m sorry.. (cries).

Numbers are not yet in officials are still counting those displaced by the storm.   

When it hits you like this...

Milton Haber will be included in that official number.

It's devastating I’m retired from EMS and I've been through a lot of disasters but when it happens to you it's totally different.  

Despite losing his home the cleanup for him is not yet underway. Instead meetings with FEMA taking up much of his day.

Despite it all, Habra says he will not let the election pass him by.

I'm going to go vote.  

"You are going to go vote??"

Yeah, it’s the American thing to go do...

After so much has been taken from the people of Staten Island, feeling powerless in the wake of hurricane sandy, for some casting a vote gives them a sense of empowerment even if it's a small one.

I'm voting. I'm going to work tomorrow.

Going to work, casting a vote, things many take for granted.

But not here.

Jason Carroll, CNN, Staten Island, New York.