Dave Spence Watch Party

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FRONTENAC, MO (KPLR)-- Republican Dave Spence is challenging Libertarian Jim Higgins and incumbent Democratic Governor Jay Nixon for Missouri`s highest elected office.  In his first-ever campaign; Spence defeated fellow Republicans Bill Randles, Fred Sauer and John Weiler in the primary for the party`s nomination.  

Spence is a St. Louis business owner who has spent more than $6 million of his own money to finance his campaign.  The race took a nasty turn when Spence sued Nixon for defamation over what he called misleading television commercials.  The dispute is over Spence`s role as a board member of Reliance Bancshares, and specifically Spence`s vote to delay repayment of federal bank bailout money. 

Spence maintains he was acting on the advice of federal regulators, not out of any personal financial self-interest.    

While almost all polls have given Nixon a comfortable lead throughout the campaign, in late October the race began to tighten in several statewide surveys.