Bernthal – Don’t Move To Canada If Your Candidate Loses

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - I know we all have a candidate we want to win but it's the side that loses that I'm worried about.

I remember people saying they'd move to Canada if Bush 43 was re-elected and we reported on people who flew the American flag upside down when President Obama won.

Remember the video of the 4 year old last week who was in tears because she couldn't take the presidential race anymore?

I hope we don't do anything after the election to make people feel the way she felt before the election.

We need to accept the winner and if we don't like it then work even harder for your candidate to win next time.

We don't want Canada to start closing its borders because of an immigration problem.

I'm JB and that's the way it oughta be.