Wisconsin To Hear Romney’s ‘Closing Argument’

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Virginia Beach, Virginia (CNN) — Mitt Romney will deliver what his campaign is describing as his “closing argument” Friday, a top aide to the GOP nominee confirmed to CNN.

The Republican candidate is scheduled to articulate that final case to voters at a campaign stop in West Allis, Wisconsin before heading back to the battleground state of Ohio for two campaign stops.

The event will mark Romney’s first stop in Wisconsin since the day after he announced Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate in August.

A senior Romney adviser said the GOP contender will be “framing the big choice between change and the status quo.”

The choice for voters is either “a new course or another four years like the last four,” the adviser said.

Campaign officials had signaled Romney was going to offer up his closing argument earlier this week. But that plan was interrupted by the arrival of Superstorm Sandy.