Stunt Man Talks Touring With Madonna

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- The material girl will be performing at the Scottrade Center Thursday night.

Madonna`s shows border on legendary for being unique, high tech, and full of every kind of stagecraft you can imagine.  But many said one element stood out at the super bowl.

A tight rope style exhibit of what`s called slack lining brought down the house in Indianapolis, and was such a success that Madonna has incorporated it into her world tour. 

Hayden Nickell is one of the guys who got the unexpected call to hit the road with the material girl.  They`ve been at it since May, performing stunts on stage in front of thousands every night.  Nickell says that was a little unnerving at first, but they eventually settled in. 

Madonna is down in a practice pit each night before the show practicing with the guys, which , of course, leads to the question everyone asks, and about the last answer you`d expect.

"What`s she like?  She`s really cool.  She`s a super cool, like mom figure almost.  She supports you in everything you want to do and she just wants to see everybody around here grow and  aspire to whatever they dream."

I asked him what she would think about being called motherly, and he said, why wouldn`t she like it?  It`s a compliment.