[Graphic Images] OK Man Wanted In Violent Halloween Machete Attack

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – A brother, sister and neighbor said a man with a machete attacked them. And the neighbor has the wounds to prove it.

The man accused said he was just defending himself. That 31-year-old, machete-wielding man is Michael Rogers (AKA Jasper Zan).

Rogers was still armed with the blade and on the loose Thursday, and police said he stands accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Hanna Stout, and vandalizing a car outside her house.

Neighbors said Rogers drove his car into a house across the street on Wednesday morning. Neighbor Randall Love intervened and was sliced with a machete for his efforts.

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Covering his wound, Love described the moment Rogers attacked him with the weapon.

“He came down instantly with a double-handed machete sweep,” Love said.

According to Stout, Rogers made threats five minutes before arriving in her neighborhood with the weapon.

“He sent me a message on Facebook and said, ‘I don’t care. You’re worthless. I’m going to cut your head off,’” Stout said.

Hanna’s brother, Mark Stout, said this isn’t the first violent situation involving Rogers.

“I’m a little scared of the guy,” Mark said. “I just hope the police will do their job and put him away.”

Despite pleas from Mark and Hanna, police do not have a warrant out for Rogers’ arrest and he has not been charged with any crime as of Thursday morning.

Rogers responded to the attack by posting what he called his side of the story to YouTube. He also included Facebook photos of a vehicle he said the Stout’s and their neighbors vandalized and attacked.

“Justice is what it was,” Rogers said. “I didn’t actually attack those people. They were throwing bricks at my car when I drove by.”

Choosing not to respond to Rogers’ claims, Hanna said Mark instead said Rogers has been stalking Hanna for some time and they’re convinced he isn’t finished.

“I really think he might want to come kill all of us,” Hanna said.

Rogers claims he wasn’t really going to hurt Hanna and that he was after her current boyfriend.

“I just wanted to cut Michael up,” Rogers said, referencing Hanna’s current boyfriend in the YouTube video.