Cards Roll Out Something New At Busch

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- The baseball season may be over but activity is heating up on the field at Busch Stadium.  The Cardinals are in the process tearing out the entire outfield playing surface and replacing it with new Kentucky Blue Grass, trucked in from a farm in Colorado.

Cardinals Vice President of Stadium Operations Joe Abernathy says this is something they do every year or two.  It just depends on how the grass is holding up which is directly tied to its use and weather.  The old surface was put down immediately following the U2 concert a couple of summers ago.  Since then it has weathered two post season runs, a World Series victory and the hottest summer in history.

If you are hoping to get a piece of the old turf, you are out of luck!  The machine used to pull it up tears it apart.  So the Cardinals have been grinding it up and using it for mulch.  The company that supplies the turf to Busch Stadium is the same company that supplies it for Wrigley Field in Chicago.  But never fear Cards fans.  Abernathy assures Fox 2 that NO Cardinals' grass is going to Wrigley and no Cubs' grass is coming to Busch Stadium!