Race For U.S. Senate In Missouri Continues

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- Unusual circumstances continue to mark the race for U.S. Senate in Missouri as it heads into the last week of campaigning.

Late this afternoon incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill's mother, Betty Anne McCaskill died of natural causes. The 84 year old had been a tireless campaigner for her daughter.  She herself was the first woman elected to the Columbia, Missouri City Council.

Senator McCaskill had stepped away from her re-election campaign last week, making only a brief appearance Saturday before returning to her mother's bedside.

On Monday, surrogates from Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster to County Executive Charlie Dooley hit the campaign trail for the senator.

Meanwhile republican challenger Congressman Todd Akin began a statewide tour with the help of well known republicans and the promise more help may be on the way.

Democratic County Executive Charlie Dooley backed by union members called on Missourians to get out and vote for Senator McCaskill. While Oklahoma conservative Senator Jim Inhoff appeared with Congressman Todd Akin to tout the congressman's credentials during tough economic times.

"This election is about middle class families and the working poor in our community that need, not a help but a help up so they can do better in their life," said Executive Dooley.

"If there aren't jobs and the economy is struggling those are problems that affect all of us  and those are the kinds of things we've been talking about.  We're talking about a government that's out of control," Congressman Akin stated.

Senator McCaskill is running a television commercial that calls Congressman Akin scary. Campaigning on Saturday she made these points.

“This is about someone whose views are so extreme that most of his party will not even support him and therefore I think that Missourians have a very clear choice here,” said McCaskill.

“I think there are a lot of Missourians that feel a sense of urgency about making sure Todd Akin is not speaking for them in the United States Senate."

Akin, who is running with a much smaller campaign war chest, says he finds plenty of women voters in his audience and Missourians who share his views.

"If you ask people in Missouri if you think it's a good idea when you've been promised you're going to cut the deficit in half and instead you triple it in the first year that's off by times six to me those huge government votes that Claire McCaskill takes are the things that are scary,” said Akin.

Congressman Akin and his wife are extending their condolences to the senator as are we here at FOX 2.   Services will be Sunday at 3 pm in St. Louis.

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