Jacology: Election Deja-Vu 2000

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(KPLR) – In Monday’s Jacology, Charles Jaco takes us back to the 2000 election and why we could see a similar outcome this year.

Remember 2000? Y-2-K? Clinton was president? We had a budget surplus. What else? Oh yeah. The 2000 election. The dragged on recount in Florida. The Supreme Court ruling. Gore winning the popular vote, bush the electoral vote? Well guess what? We could see a version of that this year.

First, there's a chance that Mitt Romney could win the popular vote; while Barack Obama wins the electoral vote. That may happen because Romney has a mammoth margin in some states. So even though states like Utah and Oklahoma don't have many electoral votes, Romney’s margin in victory in places like that could be so huge that he ends up with more popular votes than Obama.

But since a president's elected by electoral votes, Obama could still end up being elected. And while a similar result created turmoil in 2000, it could be worse in 2012. That's because so many of his critics already question the president's legitimacy. If he loses the popular vote but is still re-elected, we could expect both the volume and temperature to be turned 'way up.

Also in 2000, the re-count in Florida dragged on for weeks. But what happens in 2012 if we multiply that? Take Ohio. The race there is tied. So what happens if a re-count, especially of provisional ballots, drags on there? It's the same story in Colorado. In fact there are anywhere between four and six states where we could see the mess from Florida in 2000 cloned.

The way the country's divided now, divided politically, divided economically. Divided racially---dragged on recounts in several states; plus a split in the popular and electoral votes, will put a lot of pressure on the American system. We'll survive. It's just going to be a very bumpy ride.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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