Jaco – A Lot Of GOP Candidates Have “Interesting” Views On Women

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - The Taliban in Pakistan shot 14 year old Malala YOusafazi because she speaks out publicly in favor of education for girls and rights for women. The American Taliban  are also attacking women but they're not using bullets. They hope to use ballots.

Exhibit A: Richard Mourdock. Far from being some fringe player, Mourdock is running for the United States Senate from Indiana. The Tea Party favorite defeated long-time senator Richard Lugar in the GOP senate primary. During a debate with his democratic opponent Tuesday night Mourdock said if a woman becomes pregnant as a result of a rape, "That is something that god intended."

Exhibit B: Rick Berg. He a congressman from north Dakota who's running to become the US Senator from North Dakota. Last week berg told a TV station in fargo that a woman who becomes pregnant because of rape should not be allowed to have an abortion. In 2007 back when he was a state representative. Berg supported a bill that would have sentenced a rape victim to life in prison if she had an abortion.

Exhibit C: Todd Akin. We all know by now what he said on the Jaco Report. About how, in the case of legitimate rape, a woman's body, "has a way of shutting that whole thing down." Not becoming pregnant. Akin also is a congressman running for the US senate.

There seems to be  a crowd of people running for the senate whose views on women are, umm... Interesting. All of them are Christian Conservatives. All say life begins at conception. All think abortion should be illegal; No matter what. And that, no matter what, includes being a rape victim. I assume some women will vote for all of them. And I assume some women support the Taliban. But why? That i can't tell you.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.