The Hot Items At Halloween Stores

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Jennifer Odell is delighted that it's almost Halloween.  She's been selling a lot of costumes at the Spirit store off Sappington.

"Things like superhero kind of stuff.  Spiderman is a big seller, all the Avengers things." said Spirit Store Manager Jennifer Odell.

So big guys can be the Hulk with some green body paint, or how about baby hulk for those diminutive do-gooders. Or a simple suit with no distinct characteristics may suffice.

"Super skins which are morph suits and it's a one piece thing that zips up over your face.  Those have been crazy sellers." said Jennifer Odell.

You can be just like the green men, those hooligans that harass hockey players.  Also big this year are Batman or bad guy Bane. For little ghools, I mean girls, there's Monster High. Adventure Time, is another big seller with kids and adults.

Stores like this seem to be popping up everywhere.  They  usually have everything from A to Z, as in zombies.

"Zombie, everything is make up.  But then if you're going for a sexy costume it's all about the short dress and the tu-tu you put under it to make it look a little cuter." said Jennifer Odell.

Like these public servant costumes police officer and firefighter. Suprisingly, many stores are selling more more children's costumes this year. Since Halloween falls in the middle of the week. Adults tend to wait until the last minute to pick their costume.

"It's the number one holiday for adults money wise and I think it's cause of all the decor and people come in and decorate their houses and that's a huge thing." said Jennifer Odell.

Like tombstones and animatronics. But one item is way ahead of the other sellers.

"So basically anything zombie.  Oh yes, anything zombie, especially zombie baby puppets.  Oh my.  Ha ha ha." said Jennifer Odell.

   Patrick Clark, News 11.

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