Man Who Found $150K In Garden Could Lose It

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MCHENRY CO, ILLINOIS (WGN) A year ago, Wayne Sabaj, a barely employed carpenter who was on the verge of losing his house, turned over $150,000 he found lying in his broccoli garden in McHenry County.

If no one claimed the cash by October 1st, then the money would belong to him.

But two days before the deadline, two petitions were filed in court. One was from a Naperville liquor store that was robbed in 2010 of about $150,000 dollars.

The other is from Sabaj 87-year-old next door neighbor. Dolores Johnson’s attorney says she has a hard time remembering and doesn’t know what happened to the money she’s been collecting for years. Her daughter thinks she threw it into Wayne’s yard.

Attorney Bob Burke thinks the money was drug money and fell out of a sea plane seen in the area over the Fox River the day before Wayne’s discovery. He says there are a lot of sea planes or pontoon planes that take off from the Ritzy Dutch creek subdivision nearby.

Wayne, despite all the legal wrangling and death threats, says he did the right thing and is still hoping for the best.

By Marcella Raymond