Jaco – The Pentagon’s Bloated Budget

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - How do you get away with nonsense? You hope everyone's either too scared or too dumb to catch you in it.

During the debate on foreign policy, both president Obama and governor Romney talked about the US Military but both missed the point. BOth  used the same old inane rhetoric about protecting America's interests and the heroes in uniform andf so forth, knowing full well that the phony patriotism of the stand-up-and-salute crowd would protect them from any hard questions.

The hardest questin is simple. How can anyone justify spending more on a bloated military budget? In 2011 defense-related activities made up one-fifth of the entire federal budget; $519 billion.  It as a big a share of federal spending as social security. You might say, "but wait a minute; isn't fighting in Afghanistan  and the just-ended war in Iraq a big part of that?"

Nope. Costs for both wars in 2011 were $159 billion.  That's outside of the regular defense budget. Over the next decade the pentagon's base budget will be about 11 percent higher than it was under George W. Bush. Lawmakers are giving the Pentagon C-17 transports it doesn't want, the F-22 Raptor fighter jet that doesn't work and a new Navy close-to-shore combat ship that was scarpped after billions were spent.

Then there's giving weapons of mass destruction to other countries. Almost two and a half billion in  military aid per year to Israel for example. It seems a country with its own nuclear arsenal and the ability to build its own jets doesn't need two and as half billion a year in military gifts from us. On top of everything else, we give over five and a half billion in military goodies to Afghanistan each year. And we see how well that's worked out.

So why isn't anyone talking about slashing military spending? Because they're scared of being called unpatriotic.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.