World Series Baseball Huge For Local Businesses

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SUNSET HILLS, MO (KPLR)-- While Cardinal fans hope for a win Monday night, local business folks are practically getting down on their knees and praying for a repeat of last year.

World Series baseball is a huge shot in the arm for stores and restaurants.

Playoff baseball has been great for businesses, World Series baseball would be even better.

Game after game of Cardinal baseball in October has been wonderful for area supermarkets.

Cardinal cookie cakes and cupcakes are hot sellers at Schnucks supermarket in Des Peres.

Beer sales spike before each game.  It`s difficult keeping the hundreds of different kinds in stock. And if you`re a wine person they offer bottles of Cardinal Zin.

Customers are looking for quick snacks like party trays things that are easy, that people don`t have to prepare, something to take to a friend’s home or enjoy with their own family.

People in the pizza business say a World Series game night will rank as the biggest night of the year as customers clamor for pizza.

At IMO`s on South Hampton the playoff games have been good but the owner knows from experience a World Series would be phenomenal.

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