Pattonville Firehouse For Sale

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NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO. (KPLR) - It’s not a fire sale but it is a fire house sale.  In Thursday Patrick’s people, Patrick Clark kicks the tires on a fire station that can be yours.

Matt Lavanchy has warm memories from this old firehouse.

You know if was built in 1946 and nothing more than a cinder block garage.  It held a fire truck that volunteers in the community would hear the alarms, the bells would sound.  They would respond to this location and go out and fight the fires.

But this old Pattonville firehouse number one is on the auction block.

There's no cause for alarm.  The department can't be extinguished.
They haven't gone belly up, just belly'd up to a better firehouse down the road.

But this firehouse, well it survived the Good Friday tornado.

In fact, buildings that were built within the last five to ten years didn't stand up and this building was still rock solid.  The only thing we had were with some vents and air conditioning and vents and things like that that had to be taken care of.   It's a solid building.

There's locker rooms, an old garden hose, a kitchen where you could make some five alarm chili, plenty of smoke detectors that one needs a new battery.

Or you could turn this old weight room that the fire fighters used to use and make it your dance studio.  Or make it a nightclub.  I can't tell you what you're going to do with your new firehouse.  Although a club would be nice.  Dub dub dub.

But the hot topic everyone wants to know?

Where's the fire pole?  Actually the fire pole was removed earlier today actually and it's going to be used in our two new houses that we just had built, as a pr tool.

The new firehouse is one story building.

The auction ends October 30th, where hopefully this old house will
Find just the right match.

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