Normandy School District Superintendent Resigns

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NORMANDY, MO (KTVI) -  Normandy School District Superintendent says he plans to resign at the end of the school year because of personal and family issues.  Dr. Stanton Lawrence made the announcement in a letter to the district's Board of Directors.

Lawrence's is in his fifth year as superintendent and his contract was to run through June 2015.

The Normandy School District has come under fire in the last few years and lost its accreditation.  The state says Normandy’s 2012 MAP test scores are in the bottom of the state below the St. Louis Public School District, which lost its accreditation a few years ago.

Citing low academic performance and administrative turnover, the Commissioner of Education, Chris Nicastor made the recommendation and the Missouri State Board of Education voted unanimously to declassify the district from provisionally accredited to unaccredited.  The district will be unaccredited beginning January 2013 until January 2015.

The Normandy School District did absorb students from the failed Wellston School District in 2009.

Lawrence will continue as Superintendent until the end of the school year.

FOX 2’s Elliot Davis had a run-in with superintendent Stanton Lawrence whose salary for running the troubled district was $175,000 a year. He got fed up with his questions

On how his administration was spending your money.

"Well you want to do ring around the roses, I have a conference..It's apparent you're going to do traditional Elliott Davis and I'm not gonna accommodate you with that, so you have a nice evening,” said Lawrence.

In the district's letter today announcing that Lawrence was leaving, It cited these highlights of his tenure:

-          Mid year budget reductions that resulted in staff layoffs

-          District wide reorganization that required non teaching  employees to reapply for their jobs

-          Hiring of new central office administrators

-          Absorption of the Wellston school district.

-          The school district losing accreditation

Stanton's district took a turn for the worse when the state decided to merge the failed Wellson School District, once headed by Dorothy Moore of Hillsdale Fame, with the Normandy School District that was hanging on to accreditation by a thread.

In the end the states moved dragged down Normandy too, now it's unaccredited.

It led to question Missouri’s Assistant Education Commissioiner Margie Vandeven about the states approach to turning around troubled districts.

"The state has done as I said the state has been as aggressive as it can on doing what they can to intervene in these districts,” Vandeven said.

Elliott Davis stated, “But it's been a failure so far!”

“We can absolutely do better,” said Vandeven.

Normandy Parents Upset Over State Accreditation

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