Video Pitching Machine Of The Future

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SAUGET, IL. (KPLR) - For Mike Breyman this is no ordinary batting cage.
It's baseball of the future!

It is like a video game when you turn on your just looking at a white screen.

You can control anything from what pitch what age what speed outside inside up down

It's basically like catching and heading a live pitcher basically over and over again when you can't get outside.

And that's why everybody from little leaguers to minor leaguers are heading to gateway baseball academy.

I can work soft toss I can work BP as much as I can but it's not the same thing as seeing a live picture throwing 90 miles an hour to his timing of his body.

Which is why teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Pirates, Mets and Reds all use real video of pitchers in their training for anybody struggling on a slider or having trouble catching a curveball.

On the screen you are facing CC Sabbatia and you can have him throw anything you want but your timing to his body motions now will help you out when you actually play someone in real life .

Do you want to see 100 do you want to see what Jason Motte is like?

That's 50 miles per hour which is fine.

But at 100?

I'm happy to get a piece of a pitch...maybe I’m not up to speed just yet on the baseball of the future!

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