Mendte – Why Can’t We Cut Wasteful Government Spending?

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - Next time a you hear a politician say, "We can't just cut government spending to solve our problems, we must raise taxes". Yeah but, did congress really have to give 1.5 million dollars to the University of Utah to do research on building a better computer joystick? Last I checked the video gaming industry was doing pretty well.  I think they have enough money to cover joystick research.

The National Institute oF Health spent almost a million dollars on research that a male fruit fly given the choice of an older female fruit fly and a young female will pick the younger one.  Great, a million dollars to discover that male fruit flies are much like Donald Trump.  

Or how about the $325,000 congress gave to National Science Foundation to build a robotic squirrel to find out if it would scare snakes.  It didn't. why, i don't know maybe because real squirrels don't scare snakes. Try a robotic mongoose next time. Or, hey here's a crazy idea, a real mongoose.  God does a pretty good design job and he works for free.

Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, the nations top waste watcher, puts out this list every year. You can find it on the internet it's called Waste Book 2012 .

There is never enough waste uncovered to solve our deficit problem. But it does make you wonder why in tough times congress can't even control spending that everyone. even a robotic squirrel would agree is nuts.

But the biggest waste, according to senator Coburn, is in the senate itself. Where 20 senators, with taxpayer paid staffs, who collect hefty salaries and benefits, have not come up with a single bill or amendment.

Now that is one waste taxpayers have some control over at the ballot box.



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