Jaco – The 2nd Debate Format Was Pitch Perfect

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. amazingly, astonishingly wrong. Take Tuesday's Jacology, when I poked fun at the town hall debates and said the undecided voters who were participating were either idiots or liars since hardly anyone is really undecided. I'm still not sure if they were liars or not, meaning I'm not sure if they were all really undecided. But idiots? hardly. Thanks to their questions and the format this may have been the best presidential debate ever.

The questions from these folks in suburban New York were on point. And the format allowed the two candidates to actually move around and engage each other. Engage doesn't mean like. It's pretty evident that governor Romney and president Obama don't like each other. For the first time i can remember the candidates didn't interact or even shake hands after the debate ended.

My favorite moment was one that many people hardly noticed. It was when Romney saied he didn't think any employer should be able to deny contraception coverage to a femakle employee. Since a drive to do exactly that is going on in Missouri, I couldn't help but wonder how Romney's comment played with both the Missouri republican party and the Archidiocese of St. Louis. Both of whom say employers should be able to deny contraception inwsurance coverage if it violates their religious beliefs.

The president won last night's debate. He won by going after Romney, by actually being engaged and by correctly challenging Romney on the facts. Romney did well, but seemed to wilt at the end after his claims about the administration's response to the murders at our counsulate in Benghazi turned out not to be true.

We need more energized debates like this one where the candidates can roll up their sleeves and go after each other while laying out their own plans if elected. Contrary to what I said Tuesday we need more town hall style debates. A lot more.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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